With one of fish sun Hills that accommodation Ishikawa of panoramic view of Noto Peninsula, Himi Beach Tateyama federation is delicious Call time: From 8:00 to 21:00 Inquiry Tel. 0767-59-1388 over telephone
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notojima aquarium (approximately 60 minutes) notojima aquarium
  notojima seaside park is general recreation facility in Notojima floating in Gulf of Nanao that wave is quiet. Fishery products of the Noto Peninsula sea near the shore and facility where heart is fun around softening aquarium to meet with creature of many seas including dolphins and sea-otter are full.

One and orchid no country (approximately 40 minutes) of Nanao flower park Nanao flower park
  Facilities that we play and are fun including cultivation greenhouse "orchid play building" of rare orchid, Sea of Japan side largest orchid which gathered popular orchids in cathedral which we collected from all the countries of the world are flower largest in substantial Hokuriku and green paradise.

Morning market (approximately 100 minutes) of Wajima Morning market of Wajima
  Morning market which cheerful voice of selling person, person buying flies about. People gather from port and farmhouse of neighborhood from about 8:00 and are full of unique shouts of shop selling fresh fish or vegetables, dried fish, folk crafts. In addition, evening city performed in the precincts of Sumiyoshi Shrine is famous. Individual shops form a line and let you feel simple taste of Wajima.

Kenroku-en Garden (Kanazawa) (approximately 90 minutes) Kenroku-en Garden (Kanazawa)
  One of three Japan garden includes special natural beauty spot, Kenroku-en Garden made as garden of the Hyakumangoku Maedas with Kairaku-en Garden of Mito, Koraku-en Garden of Okayama. Scenery which seasonal nature including winter pastime that gives poetic charm, branch-supporting snow-ropes and Japanese apricot with red blossoms white plum blossoms of plum garden and the wonder of constant garden by successive feudal lords old weave brings about outstanding beauty and grandeur.

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