With one of accommodation sun Hills of delicious fish in Noto Peninsula, Nanao

With one of fish sun Hills that accommodation Ishikawa of panoramic view of Noto Peninsula, Himi Beach Tateyama federation is delicious Call time: From 8:00 to 21:00 Inquiry Tel. 0767-59-1388 over telephone
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Accommodation information

Thank you for coming to HP of our accommodation.
We get and back in a day and can take a bath.

How is sea bathing to return?

With TV, there was introduction with one of sun Hills.

"Holiday making Dictionary of the summer of 2018"

Sinetu Broadcasting      
Hokuriku Broadcasting      
Gifu Broadcasting Systems     

It is established program special page.

Please watch.

We display and sell thing which we used in old days including platter and bowl.

There is the above-mentioned stock for one small restaurant.

You come, and stay.

Storekeeper displays and sells photograph which we took.

We replaced comic book in large quantities.

There is much AlphaPolis.

We renewed FACEBOOK.

We began Instagram.

For crab poor catch, we are absent from related plan now.

We located in each electric pot room.

noetsujidoshado, Himi, whole line opening between Nanao
We can come from Kanazawa Station in around 70 minutes. (from Morimoto, Kanazawa IC via Oyabe, Takaoka, Himi)
From Odomari, Nanao IC, it is two minutes.
As we were opened, the Hokuriku Shinkansen became more convenient.
From Niitaka Oka Station, rent-a-car is instant if we borrow.
There is various discount coupon.

We take group to and from. (only in Toyama, the Ishikawa area)

There is special plan of old man society, neighborhood association.


It is recruiting part, parttimers at any time.
We introduce fishing boat. As we depart even from lunch, we can go carelessly.
With fishing boat of the substantial equipment, do you not enjoy fishing?
Please use fishing boat sea goblin for the making of sightseeing in Gulf of Himi of Toyama, memory!
February 21, 2017

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One and Instagram formula account of sun Hills
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With one of fish sun Hills that Noto Peninsula, Nanao Ishikawa is delicious   〒926-0384 Odomari, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa Fujimaki 38 TEL. 0767-59-1388 FAX. 0767-59-1399 QR cord GetADOBEFLASH PLAYER